A Number Of Architectural Design

The Architectural Design Of Garrison

A home that includes a number of interesting special features is a modern presentation to Garrison. A distinguishing feature is the second story hanging. This construction technique includes a number of advantages. First post on each separate corner floor allows to use more short, powerful post. The two short straight lines give the framing material economy. Last but not least space extras added on the second level by the overhang with very little additional cost. The steep roof pitch make room attic. Narrow side retains the traditional style.

Salt Box Design

An interesting and easily recognized Colonial is a Box of salt, it is a direct branch of the colonial houses of basic, resulting in a long sloping roof line of rooftops until soft. Many beautiful houses have been borrowed from the typical style, developed by experts of the early American period building. The Salt Bo. The House gets its name from the shape of the coffee, tea, crackers, and a box of salt found in the store. Side elevation of this container have the same general shape as these interesting architectural style. Variations of this style was used to increase new home.

The long, low roof lines in the back of the House appears with the addition of "lean-to" the inherent structure to add more living space. As further developments evolved, the roof sloping lower is helping in the fight against a bitter wind common to New England winter.

The Southern colonial design

One of the most friendly of all Colonials are traditional Southern colonial. Style, reflecting the warmth, quaintness, and southern hospitality of old, colonial displayed throughout the South. This modern design borrowed heavily from the fine details of southern Colonial to express the atmosphere of elegance and traditional charm. A remarkable architectural features is the Colonnade in front and a giant foyer. Extended Foyer shielded the front door from the weather and keep direct sunlight from bulging into the first and second story rooms. The houses are usually large, with upper and lower balcony, three story fireplace chimney for bed, ornate wood and iron trim, and roof over the entrance to protect people who use side door. Many of the features of the Southern Colonial can be adjusted with the aesthetic qualities of a modern home.

It is clear that the influence of the past, in both beauty and functionality, have a profound effect on modern house design. On the other hand, new materials, tools and way of life has led architects to "thought out" how to plan a home for all of the modern lifestyle. Modern American houses is a combination of many factors.

Modern structure

Home style, which is generally called, is the result of years of architecture, planning and design evolution. Many will be planned while others lack of imagination or the balance of the design. Some cheap functionally satisfactory home for the family, but for the size of the exterior styling might be economically, should be fairly conservative in the use of various materials. The ability of architects and financial needs of the family is the ofr two factors that largely dictate modern style which is planned.

Modern or contemporary term does not show one particular architectural style. Most modern home borrows some features typical of more traditional structures. Others appear almost independent of the design of the past, and it makes little difference in our society just what constitutes the modern style. Work that is most important for architects to design homes that meet customers, one that he can live with pride and joy. In today's society, individual tastes vary to the extent that many people want a home that is distinctly different from other houses. The owner may have a great satisfaction that his home is a lifestyle and individuality. He may be enjoying the warmth of natural wood, or design the structure of the solid brick house.

Rapid development of new building materials and fabrication methods have made it possible for home designs that require a minimum of maintenance, for example some large, use glass or place emphasis on structural members exposed.

Design Ranch

One style Of modern architecture is the home farm. This is basically the only low, one story house that grew out of the House "breeders" of the southwestern part of the country. The design of plain farms generally have a low pitched roof with gables and roof hanging. It is usually built on a concrete slab with no basement. However, over the years the Ranch House has taken on many new features. They usually have a one or two-car garage is attached. Basements are often added, and many are gone