Stamp The Front Elevator

If you are designing a new House, increase the value of your home with the hottest selling and most energy-efficient Lifts, home lifts the seal of ThyssenKrupp Access. The world's leading manufacturers of residential, ThyssenKrupp access elevator has launched the value added lift to help seal homes for the aged and disabled people who have difficulty in climbing stairs. In the accessibility industry products, has introduced the ThyssenKrupp Access elevator is a high-quality housing as practical solutions that are useful for individuals with all types of problems of mobility. It is the choice of definite economic elevators that will remain within your budget.

Uniquely designed with this equipment, you can switch between the floors in comfort and style. Lift the House seal utilizes the most advanced lift home technology to make it suitable for any home's architecture. Install this compact solution with 6 '' shallow holes anywhere in your home because it does not require a separate machine room.

Elevator is available in three sizes of standard car-36 '' x 48 '' (12 sq ft), 36 '' x 60 '' (15 sq ft) and 40 '' x 54 '' (15 sq ft). It comes with choice of countless custom with power load carrying capacity of 950 lbs. it is equipped with the optional hydraulic drive with the motor submerged and 2-speed valve, which provides maximum travel up to 50 '. This elevator home can make five stops. Because this is the elevator housing, provide safe travel, quiet and convenient for users. It is well designed with security features such as:

o Pit switch
o upper and lower limits of terminal
o safety gate switches Cars
o battery backup emergency light and alarm
o Electromechanical interlocks
o 115 VAC locked up car lighting circuits decided to
o Slack chain/seat belts
o the car switch on stop
o 230 VAC locked up decided to drive unit circuit

Install seals lift home with additional options such as engine room elevator remote control, the device, security operator balance from the hoistway door is automatic, external modem for remote diagnosis and control installation/inspection home pendants. Seal House elevator with rich features and overall elegance will surely enhance your home decor. Best of all, this product can be easily mounted without causing major structural changes in your home.